Your website is the front door to your business - it provides a first impression of the organization, generates leads, and propagates your brand message. However, looking pretty will not get you to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). That's why we all use search engine optimization (SEO), which, for today's complex content sites, is very different from the HTML of yesteryear.

Drupal, the open source content management system (CMS) that runs, MTV Europe, and The Economist, is a very powerful system that can be used for large, complex sites, and it's the best platform that exists today for SEO. Drupal's built-in tools for automating SEO on massive amounts of content, along with granular control that gives you absolute power over every single site element, put it head and shoulders above the rest, including Joomla and WordPress. Additionally, Drupal is the most scalable, configurable system, and major improvements in usability will soon shorten the learning curve for new users and developers.

Here's why Drupal is the best:

  • Search engine optimized URLs
  • Custom content types and views
  • Ease of editing and revisions
  • The organizational wizardry of taxonomy
  • Multiple user management
  • Better integration with Google Analytics
  • Passionate and active community
  • Free as in beer
  • Getting started with Drupal SEO is easy

So why do you go for Drupal? Because....