About our company

POS Corp's solutions are so diversified into ERP Development & Support, Technical Consulting, Web Application Development and Mobile App Development and we are a certified 'OpenBravo' & 'Hortonworks' partners too.

POS Corp has its presence across different continents and we are always at the edge to provide solution of the future and upfront in providing the relevant support to you.

The world-class technologies we use and the services we provide are so explicit and straightforward in nature that we have customers around the globe and from different business streams which make us a pioneer in providing customer-driven results and have always gone beyond the expectations of our customers and our focus is always on what matters the most for our customers: their real business.

Our Values

Reliable and committed teamwork to provide the best results and make it a win-win situation for us and the customer.

Innovation and pro-active with respect to dealing with new technologies and services.

Passionate about what we do and Creative about what we have decided to achieve.

Offer Hassle-free solutions to make it more user-friendly for our customers.